About us

Our company

emokke™ is a Polish company, which designs and manufactures educational and sensory toys and teaching equipment. All our products are made by hand with great passion and care.


Mission, vision and values

Our mission is to design and manufacture products that are essential to the physical and mental development of children, from birth to the age of eight.

Our vision is that a child’s self-education skills are key to a child’s future success in the Digital Age.

Our key values:

  • Develop a self-learning attitude in children
  • Teach children reasoning and critical thinking
  • Promote self-education through fun and educational play

Our safety standards

emokke™ meets the highest toy safety standards. Our toys are manufactured in strict compliance with standards, in accordance with EU safety and quality requirements.

Furthermore, Emokke products are CE marked , which means that they have been tested by qualified testing organisations in accordance with toy safety standards.