Natural Sensory Path – set 1

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Walking along the pathway allows the child to strengthen their foot muscles and develop their sense of balance.


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The hexagon-shaped sensory path panels contain natural fillings, offering a different sensory experience: from smooth glitter to convex glass balls, rough barley groats, hard Himalayan salt and stones that stimulate the foot muscles. Walking along the path is an excellent exercise in tactile discrimination. In addition to the sense of touch, the path improves motor skills, movement planning, memory and visual perception.

The set includes five panels, each with a diagonal of 29 cm. All panels are secure and non-slip, which allows for safe playing and even jumping.

What is the sensory path?
The sensory path is a multicoloured, creative and fun obstacle course. It supports cognitive development (including speech!), motor skills, balance, builds spatial awareness, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. This type of play helps children to develop and improve their concentration and is a great way to introduce children to new sensory experiences. In addition to helping children become aware and discover their senses, playing on the sensory path stimulates concentration, which allows the child to calm down and focus on the task. Frequent playing on the sensory path will contribute to better school performance. The sensory pathway experience allows building new connections in the brain that are responsible for the interpretation of visual or tactile stimuli, which enable children to perform complex, multistage tasks.

The obstacle course is ideal for parent-child home play as an introduction to the world of stimuli. It is also great for working with children with hypersensitivity and under-sensitivity of the sensory system. If it is used systematically, it will help to develop motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

The set includes an instruction manual with sample sensory path games.

Buy consciously. The product complies with the safety and quality requirements in force in the EU, which is guaranteed by the following markings:

CEEN 716+ montsRecyklingFSCHand madeMade in Poland


Data sheet

diagonal of one element 29 cm
salt, glass, groats, pebbles, resin, plywood
6+ months

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Natural Sensory Path – set 1

Walking along the pathway allows the child to strengthen their foot muscles and develop their sense of balance.

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