A set of hexagonal panels for tactile stimulation contains five elements, each with a diagonal of 12.5 cm. The filling that constitutes the texture is natural. All types of filling give a variety of tactile stimulation.

The set can be used as a complement to the large sensory path. It provides an opportunity, among others, for:

  • Tactile discrimination and integration of tactile stimuli from the upper and lower limbs. The child picks up a touchpad, and while walking along the sensory path, their task is to find the same filling. Exercises – depending on the age and abilities of the child – should be performed both with eyes open and blindfolded.
  • Exercises of abdominal muscles, e.g. rolling on pads with arms extended above the head.
  • Tactile stimulation. The variety of fillings provide stimulation for both children with hypersensitivity and under-sensitivity.
  • Tactile discrimination – determining the structure of the pads.

For more sample games, see the instruction manual supplied with the set. Each child can find their own way to use the panel. Practice shows that the imagination of children is unlimited. All you need to do is let them play and surround them with safe and attractive elements.

The obstacle course is ideal for parent-child home play as an introduction to the world of stimuli. It is also great for working with children with hypersensitivity and under-sensitivity of the sensory system. If it is used systematically, it will help to develop motor skills, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

Set 2 includes:

  • Cinnamon. To support fine and gross motor skills.
  • Metal nuts. The heaviest pad in the set also gives a thermal sensation.
  • Jute rope. The roughest piece in the set.
  • Coffee beans. The filling is perfect for the treatment of children who are hypersensitive to touch.
  • Beans. They effectively stimulate fine motor skills.

The set includes an instruction manual with sample sensory path games.

Buy consciously. The product complies with the safety and quality requirements in force in the EU, which is guaranteed by the following markings:

CEEN 716+ monthsRecyklingFSCHand madeMade in Poland

Data sheet

diagonal of one element 12,5 cm
wood, metal nuts, jute rope, coffee, beans, resin, plywood
6+ months

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