Number learning board

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A board to teach the child mathematical skills such as counting, drawing figures.


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The board has two sides for exercises and games that develop mathematical skills. The graphomotor side shows basic grooved figures and bands of increasing difficulty. The child has the opportunity to learn and practice drawing the signs: triangle, circle, square and hexagon by marking them on the board with the stylus.

We also propose:

  • Covering grooves with kinetic sand,
  • Removing the sand from grooves using the stylus.
  • Arranging lentil/peas grains in the designated pattern.
  • Drawing a pattern combined with the sound of a voice/rhythm.

The other side of the board makes it easier to remember the graphic sign of the digit printed with the corresponding number of elements.

  • The child follows the groove with a finger, naming the digits.
  • Under each digit there is a corresponding number of holes in which the child can put a ball or their favourite material (beads, peas, glass balls, pompoms)
  • Comparing the size of digits.
  • Counting to 10, naming consecutive digits.
  • The board is helpful when learning how to add up to 20. The child arranges the appropriate number of elements under the designated digits, then connects them and counts them.

The board is made very neatly, all edges are safe, using it gives pleasant tactile stimuli. The use of ecological, natural materials such as wood has given us an educational aid that does not cause overstimulation.

Buy consciously. The toy complies with the safety and quality requirements in force in the EU, which is guaranteed by the following markings:

CEEN 710-35+ agesRecyklingFSCHand madeMade in Poland


Data sheet

30x20x1,5 cm
beech wood
5+ years

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Number learning board

A board to teach the child mathematical skills such as counting, drawing figures.

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