Tangled Bear - Lacing Toy

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A bear-shaped motor skill lacing toy is a creative set for children.


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The wooden lacing toy in the shape of a bear contains 13 holes through which the child has to thread a one-meter-long piece of string to dress their friend. The bear is very well shaped, it fits perfectly in the hands of even small 3-year-olds. The child, by holding a wooden needle included in the set, practices the grip needed later in learning to write. The threading of the needle through the appropriate holes is a great opportunity to coordinate the work of both hands. It gives an excuse to develop laterality of the hand by forcing a precise movement (usually a child holds the toy in the supporting hand and threads the needle with a stronger, dominant hand). During the threading, the parent has a natural opportunity to introduce the concepts of “back” and “front”.

The bear’s face has smaller holes, which also allows the child to vary in size and assess whether the needle will fit in the smaller hole. The bear is made of solid wood, has a natural scent and pleasant texture. It can become a child’s friend during long hours of travel. The toy is small enough for the child to take it to the car, doctor’s surgery or restaurant. It will make the waiting time more pleasant, will occupy small hands and will help to focus on the task.

Buy consciously. The toy complies with the safety and quality requirements in force in the EU, which is guaranteed by the following markings:

CEEN 710-33+ agesRecyklingFSCHand madeMade in Poland


Data sheet

11x9x1,5 cm
beech wood, cotton
3+ years

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Tangled Bear - Lacing Toy

A bear-shaped motor skill lacing toy is a creative set for children.

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